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Retiro de Comunicación

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2 días para aprender acerca de este proceso de comunicación y mejorar tu forma de relacionarte tanto en el ámbito profesional como personal

Company Team building and outdoor activities 

Yepalo offers team-building activities and nature retreats in and around Barcelona, integrating coaching with adventurous sports such as hiking, climbing, canyoning, kayaking, and more. Our professional team comprises coaches and licensed mountain guides proficient in Spanish, Catalan, English, and French, ensuring a unique pathway to achieve your team's set goals.


We arrange day trips and comprehensive multi-day retreats for small to medium-sized teams, accommodating all skill levels. Whether opting for a single activity, combining two for a distinctive experience, or customizing a program, Yepalo strives to deliver unforgettable and enjoyable outdoor experiences for your company. Explore a diverse array of activities we arrange below, or connect with us to discuss any creative ideas you have in mind.

 Inspirational Team building activities in nature

Talleres vivenciales en la naturaleza: Retiros de 2 - 3 días

Hemos desarrollado 3 programas diferentes que consisten en 2 -3 días de talleres y aventuras al aire libre en los lugares más inspiradores de Cataluña y España. ¡Lleva a tu equipo a un viaje transformador rodeado de naturaleza!

Kayak en Platja d'Aro

1. Half-Day Escape

Indulge your team in a quick but impactful getaway with our Half-Day Escape. Opt for thrilling activities like kayaking, paddling, hiking etc. followed by a team-building session. Quick, refreshing, and perfect for sparking new energy within your team.



  • Morning kayaking followed by a team-building challenge.

  • Morning paddling and a nature-inspired team discussion.

  • Afternoon hiking followed by a team gathering dinner.

  • Choose your own activity for a personalized half-day adventure.

  • Team purpose and vision 

 "Dip into Adventure!"


2. Full Day Expedition

Immerse your team in a day-long adventure that seamlessly blends challenge and relaxation. Kickstart the morning with an invigorating hike, followed by a team-building exercise, wine tasting or Paella cooking etc.,  cultivating teamwork in a different setting.



  • Morning hiking joined with team-building, and afternoon paella cooking or wine tasting.

  • Morning coasteering followed by team building challenge or team coaching

  • Mix and match your preferred activities for a joyful full-day customized experiences

  • Promote teamwork and collaboration



"Challenge and Harmony!"

Wonders of Montsec

3. Multi-Day Retreat

Ignite a lasting impact with our 2-3 Day Retreat designed for holistic team development. Dive deep into nature with various outdoor activities and enhance communication skills through tailored coaching sessions. Enjoy evening networking, forging connections that go beyond the workplace.



  • Multi-day of outdoor adventures, including communication coaching.

  • Nature-inspired team challenges and problem-solving activities.

  • Choose your own activities and customized itinerary for a unique  team retreat.

  • Non-violant communcation, conflicts resolution 

"Nature, Nurture, Network!"


Nos encantaría saber cuáles son las necesidades de su equipo.

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